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Inclusion Winnipeg produces “inclusion information bulletins” to draw your attention to important issues that impact children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Bulletins are fact-based and provide background for you to understand an issue in more detail.

1. ISSUE: For people with intellectual disabilities, COVID-19 is a serious risk due to pre-existing health conditions, a reliance on outside support, a lack of understanding of new requirements and congregate living arrangements. “Social distancing” is the best way to reduce the spread of viruses like COVID-19. Also called “physical distancing” it means changes to our day-to-day lives to minimize close contact with others, whether we know them or not (source: Province of Manitoba).


  • Call, email, text, face-time and send a message to a loved one today.
  • Make sure they know all about “social distancing” and how to keep themselves safe.
  • Reinforce these messages

(source Province of Manitoba):

Province of Manitoba:


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4. BACKGROUND: Please find below credible information about “social distancing”:

Public Health Agency of Canada
Plain language COVID-19 explanation
Plain language for caregivers and families from the Canadian Association of Community Living

Please stay healthy and be socially creative while keeping your physical distance from each other. We are all in this together.

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