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Every gifted dollar is important to us. At Inclusion Winnipeg, we work to stretch donations to their maximum effect to make a very real difference in the lives of children and adults living with intellectual disabilities.

Donate Now and Make a Difference Today!

Inclusion Winnipeg places a high value on our relationship with all our donors. Your support helps us to achieve our mission by enabling us to

  • assist families to navigate systems that are ever more complex with the passage of time
  • connect people and community for support, mentoring and friendship
  • lead the way in advancing the human rights of people living with intellectual disabilities
  • promote respect, empowerment and belonging.

A vibrant, full life for children and adults living with intellectual disabilities begins with you. Thank you for exploring the possibilities.

You can help Inclusion Winnipeg by volunteering your time, making a financial contribution, or providing us with in-kind gifts of all kinds. Each and every donation is appreciated.

Options for Giving

Our Charitable registration number is B.N. 10673 1961 RR0001

We protect your personal information and adhere to all legislative requirements with respect to protecting privacy.

Monetary donation

To make your donation, fill out the donation form. We use to safely and securely manage our donations by credit card. A tax receipt will be issued for all donations over $10.00.

You can also send us a donation by mailing your cheque to 1-120 Maryland St., Winnipeg MB R3G 1L1.

Inclusion Winnipeg can also be designated as your charity of choice when donating to United Way and the All Charities Campaign.

We protect your personal information and adhere to all legislative requirements with respect to protecting privacy.

Gifts in Kind

Inclusion Winnipeg is pleased to accept gifts such as tickets to concerts, events or activities, supplies for programs and fundraising events, professional services, etc. We would be happy to discuss ideas you may have. Please contact us at 204-786-1414.

Make a Monthly Commitment for a Better Future

Although strides have been made in inclusive education, many young people with intellectual disabilities leave school only to sit at home, spend their days in activity centres, or be segregated into sheltered workshops.

To be excluded after being included is devastating. Youth and adults with intellectual disabilities can contribute to their communities, follow their dreams, and live independently. It is time break new ground for this generation and those that follow.

Be leader for change by setting up a monthly donation. Your monthly gift by credit card of $10, $25, $50, $100 or any amount you choose will be an investment in innovative solutions allowing children and adults with intellectual disabilities to be empowered to be the best they can be, be respected and enjoy a strong sense of belonging in their communities.

Make a Gift in Recognition

Looking for a special way to recognize someone in your life or mark an important life event? Consider making a tribute gift. With your gift made in honor or in memory, a personalized acknowledgement card will be sent to the person(s) you specify. To make your gift, please call or email us at 204-786-1414 or

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Making a legacy gift can be very rewarding. With a little advance planning, you can demonstrate your enduring commitment to the Inclusion Winnipeg and the many programs and services it helps make possible.

Donations to the Inclusion Winnipeg Endowment Fund are managed by The Winnipeg Foundation (1350- 1 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0X3) where experienced staff is pleased to assist you.

Appreciated Securities – Tax Preferred Giving

Funding a charitable gift with appreciated securities (publicly listed stocks, mutual fund units, etc.) can be a better option for funding a gift because the capital gain in a gift of qualifying securities is now completely exempt from taxation.

Life Insurance – A Flexible, Cost-Effective Way to Give Generously

When you designate Inclusion Winnipeg as the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy (on which you continue to pay premiums), you receive a charitable receipt for the fair market value (FMV) of the policy and for all future premiums paid.

In the case where Inclusion Winnipeg is named as a beneficiary, upon death, the policy proceeds are paid directly to Inclusion Winnipeg and your estate will receive the donation receipt.

Bequests – The Simplest Way to Give

Please note that the information on these web pages does not constitute legal or professional advice and should not be substituted for appropriate professional counsel. Inclusion Winnipeg encourages you to seek qualified, legal and financial advice before deciding on a course of action.

By naming Inclusion Winnipeg as a beneficiary in your Will, you can make a significant gift that might not have been otherwise affordable during your lifetime. A bequest gift will also generate significant tax credits that will help offset the final taxes payable by your estate.

Donate a Car

Donate a Car Canada

Donate a Car Canada accepts Vehicle Donations for Inclusion Winnipeg. Free towing is provided in most areas across Canada, or you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation. When you donate your car, truck, RV, boat, or motorcycle to Inclusion Winnipeg through Donate A Car Canada, it will either be recycled or sold at auction (depending on its condition, age and location). Donate a Car Canada will look after all the details to make it easy for Inclusion Winnipeg to benefit. After your vehicle donation is complete, our charity will send you a tax receipt and will put your gift to good use.

Donate a Vehicle
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