Inclusion Winnipeg offers opportunities for young people to come together with peers to enjoy social activities, learn new skills and to develop friendships. Activities take place in a variety of locations.

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Circle of Friends

Friendship is one of the most important aspects of our lives, one of our biggest strengths outside family relationships.

Circle of Friends is a network-building tool designed for students in middle or high school years. It is a social inclusion program that is meant to make a positive difference in the lives of students with disabilities and their community of friends by mobilizing their classmates to include them in a meaningful way.

A small group of classmates is invited to help a focus student have the best school experience in and out of the classroom. The Circle gets together weekly and with the support of an inclusion enabler, they deepen their understanding and acceptance of differences and develop their own strategies toward inclusiveness. The focus student benefits from having multiple friends who have a special interest in his/her inclusion in the school community. All students in the Circle of Friends benefit from the increased exposure to the experience of inclusion.

A good circle of friends requires support and time to develop and at times, may eventually grow into some long-standing friendships.

For more information on Circle of Friends, contact Inclusion Winnipeg at 204-786-1414 or get notified.

Self-advocacy and Empowerment Workshops

These workshops focus on building essential skills that increase self-confidence and awareness.  They include learning how and when to speak for yourself; how to take charge of his/her own learning and build responsibility for personal progress; how to begin the process of planning and goal setting for transition into post-secondary settings These workshops are available in a variety of community settings, Sessions are typical two hours and range from a one- time session to a series of sessions spread out over six weeks. Registration is generally limited to ten registrants to encourage full participation in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

Around Town

If you’re a fan of the Goldeyes, the Bombers or the Jets or just like sporting events OR maybe you enjoy the Folk Festival, Folklarama, plays and concerts, the zoo or movies, thanks to the generosity of Inclusion Winnipeg supporters, tickets to these activities and events are frequently gifted for you and your friends to enjoy.   To join our mailing list to take advantage of these opportunities, get notified or call 204-786-1414.

Exploring the Arts

The first Friday of the month, is First Fridays in the Exchange, a popular event among artists and art lovers.  Businesses and galleries have special events and exhibits, opening the door to interesting conversations with interesting people.

We meet at a designated spot and head out to the Exchange District in Winnipeg to check out the art scene and restaurants. We visit galleries, go to free concerts, explore new installations, enjoy a restaurant stop and return to our starting point.  It’s a special evening of culture and friendship.

Art Classes

Through our community outreach in the arts community, Inclusion Winnipeg is connected to a network of community art organizations and instructors who offer classes in painting, drawing, photography, drama and dance and share  a mutual desire to be inclusive. We can provide current information about community classes and assist you with making a connection. .

For more information about the youth programs or if you would like to be a volunteer or mentor, call Inclusion Winnipeg at 204-953-5877 or get notified to connect with our Inclusion Facilitator.

We like to hear from you and welcome suggestions for new activities.

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