This Annual Report covers the period April 30, 2019 to March 30, 2020. We have also included an addendum to update our membership on our activities since the worldwide COVID19 pandemic.

A letter from the Executive Director


Today (March 19, 2020), I called a gentleman who I met over 25 years ago when he was living on his own for the first time in his 50 some years. He is in many respects a very solitary person and being on his own has never stopped him from enjoying a variety of activities, celebrating holidays and filling his time. He has never said he was lonely until today. When I asked how he was doing he said, “it’s kind of lonesome”.

He did travel out of the country, and when he returned from his trip cut short by four days, he had to go into quarantine. Social distancing is not what my friend needs. He will follow the quarantine orders to the letter and will not step out of his apartment. When his fourteen days are up, he will practice physical distancing. In the meantime, he needs social connections more than ever. This is a scary time for all of us.

Social isolation and loneliness can lead to even more medical conditions such as anxiety, depression and cognitive decline, even death. Fourteen days is a long time for someone to be on their own.

  • We need to ensure people are not forgotten as they become less visible in our community
  • We need to ensure that medical care is accessible on an equal basis as other Manitobans.
  • We need to stay in touch just to ease loneliness.

This is a time to stay socially connected. We are all in this together.

Janet Forbes – Executive Director Inclusion Winnipeg

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