Mission: To enhance the lives of people living with an intellectual disability, support families, and advance their human rights and inclusion in the community.

Vision: An inclusive Winnipeg where people with intellectual disabilities and their families are valued equally and able to participate fully in all aspects of society.

Inclusion Winnipeg is a registered charity which, for 60 years, has been dedicated to making life better for children and adults living with intellectual disabilities.  We do this by connecting people, assisting their families to navigate systems and leading the way in advancing their human rights.  We promote respect, empowerment and belonging to ensure equality for all.

Serving the City of Winnipeg and the surrounding area, Inclusion Winnipeg is a part of a national federation of over 400 community,10 provincial and three territorial associations together forming the Canadian Association for Community Living. CACL is a member of Inclusion International an association of over 110 countries. Achieving the vision of inclusive communities is a global movement and we are proud to be part of it.

We continually learn from people with intellectual disabilities whose achievements  reflect lives lived to the fullest – from children and youth experiencing success at school, to young adults becoming involved in post-secondary studies and securing real employment for real pay.

Inclusion Winnipeg serves three primary roles:

1. To help adults and children living with intellectual disabilities, and their families, navigate areas such as health, education, housing, employment and finance.

2. To advocate on the behalf of people living with intellectual disabilities, and their families, to influence policy and legislation that affects their lives.

3. To build capacity across all environments: recreational, educational and employment, recognizing that an inclusive community means a welcoming environment for everyone.

Our Staff

Janet Forbes

Executive Director

James Kelm

Advocacy Coordinator

Scott McFadyen

Director of Development

Claudia Gass

Labour Market Facilitator

Olivia Brown

Administrative Assistant

Aron Jenkins

Building Blocks Project Coordinator

Jericho Cochico

Event and Communications Specialist

Megan Scott

Youth Inclusion Facilitator

Board of Directors

Debra Roach


Jared Wheeler

Vice - President

Lindsey Cooke


Brittany Read


Kim Sharman

Carlos Sosa

Jessica Barlow

Susan Peters

Kirk Goodlet

Nouran Hamzeh

Liz Rowe

Maria Baranowski

Alanna Savery

Annual Financial Statements

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Reviewed Statements March 31, 2019

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